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Friday, January 15, 2010

Grassy Knoll Boulders Miniguide

Grassy Knoll Boulders are comprised of two blocks, the aptly-named Broken Heart Rock and Diamond Overhang, both of which are located in the grassy area across the street from the Crown Rock Parking Area below the Pebble Wall and Red Wall Boulders. There's nothing hard here, but it can be a fun place to take a beginner, warm up or chill by yourself. Where: Head up Flagstaff Road. Park at the Crown Rock Parking Area, located 1.6 miles past The Armstrong Bridge (located at the hard right hand turn at the bottom of the mountain) or the dirt lot 75 yards further up the road on the right. Approach the boulders from the Crown Rock Parking Area by crossing the road, taking an immediate right downhill on the Flagstaff Trail. About 30 yards later, you'll see Broken Heart Rock on the left just off the trail. Access Diamond Overhang from here by treading lightly on a faint path for 30 yards to the northwest by walking directly towards Pebble Wall, the Amphitheater, Red Wall, etc.
1. Broken Heart Traverse V2 sds ... FA: Chip Phillips, 2000
From a sds on holds way down on the right, traverse left all the way into and up #6 without the benefit of the high jugs throughout the traverse.
2. Broken Heart Far Right V0 sds ... FA: Unknown
Begin from a low sds on a rail and climb straight up and over. A hidden 2-finger divot up over the top should help with the finish.
3. Broken Heart Right VB sds ... Unknown
Begin from a sds and climb out the right side past jugs then slopers.
4. Broken Heart Mantel VB sds ... FA: Unknown
Begin from a sds and move up to jugs. With one hand on each side of the huge hueco, double mantel to get your feet up and reach the top. Easy fun.
5. Broken Heart Left VB sds ... Unknown
Begin from a sds on good edges, move up to jugs that turn to slopers on your way to the top.
6. Broken Heart Far Left VB sds ... Unknown
On the left edge of the overhang, begin from a sds, move up past 2 slopers to jugs. Continue up and over with branches behind you.
7. Diamond in the Rough V1 sds ... FA: Chip Phillips, 1999 *
From a low sds on the corner beneath the large jug, yank to the jug, then continue via a couple more big moves on good holds to the top of this little-known and steep gem.
8. Rough Cut Right V1 ... FA: Chip Phillips, 1999
From good starting holds under the overhang, move directly right and pull over.
9. Rough Cut Left V0 ... FA: Chip Phillips, 1999
Start on good holds under the overhang, move left up the crack and pull over.

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